FirstPROOF Standard v6.2


FirstPROOF Standard v6.2



FirstPROOF Standard is an entry-level but powerful pre-press soft-proofing workflow product that allows for easy tracking, viewing and checking of ripped jobs prior to output. When added to an existing Harlequin, Esko-Graphics, Presstek DI or any TIFF based RIP it provides a significant improvement in proofing jobs before output.


◦Search multiple RIPs to find a given job
◦View jobs from remote RIPs without stopping output / prior to output
◦Unique Trap Black tool that allowes the user to easily check black traps
◦High performance remote (LAN) image viewing – pan, zoom, rotate and flip
◦Job control – approve, reject, delete and output jobs
◦Positional tools – coordinates, adjustable rulers, gridlines and guidelines
◦Color tools – background paper color and opaque inks
◦Modern UI – job hierarchy, job information, page thumbnails, navigation window and tooltips


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