FirstPROOF is a high-performance pre-press soft-proofing product that is designed to work in a tightly integrated way with the Harlequin RIP, Esko Flex (LEN) RIP, Presstek DI RIP or any RIP that produces TIFF files. Its powerful tools allow the operator to quickly and easily verify that what has been RIPped and is to be printed is correct and has no mistakes, errors or problems. As such it’s an indispensable tool that helps guarantee that what is printed is right first time, leading to reduced waste and therefore significant savings in time and money.

FirstPROOF Professional builds on the Standard version with a large number of additional tools that allow for many more things to be checked, further reducing the number and type of errors that can occur.

In addition, FirstPROOF Professional contains an advanced color management solution that allows for color-accurate pre-press and press-side viewing of jobs under different lighting conditions, completely eliminating the need for a hard-copy press proof.


    • High performance viewing
    • Job control
    • Measurement tools (pro version only)
    • Advanced tools (pro version only)
    • Color-accurate viewing (pro version only)
    • Page modification (pro version only)
    • Printing (pro version only)

What is FirstPROOF? And what exactly is Pre-Press Soft-Proofing?

What can you do with First PROOF? And why do you need a Pre-Press Soft-Proofing product?

These are all questions that we get asked from time to time. So we wrote The FirstPROOF Guide to Pre-Press Soft-Proofing which you can download below. The guide goes into detail as to why every pre-press department should be using FirstPROOF – the ultimate pre-press soft-proofing product – including lots of examples.

In a nutshell you use FirstPROOF to check your digital plate data before you make plates and start printing, just like you used to check film. The problem that most people face is that when they had film, they used to check all sorts of things and detect all sorts of problems before making plates or going to press. Unfortunately, in the digital age of CtP or Direct-To-Press that many of us now live in, there are a number of things that you can’t check and won’t find until the press is rolling. The cost of a mistake in such cases can be significant – several thousands of dollars or more in wasted paper, ink and press downtime. That alone can wipe out the profit margin at a small printer for a few weeks.

And that’s where FirstPROOF comes in. Think of it as a digital equivalent to putting your film on a light table. In fact FirstPROOF can do a lot more than just check plates – it can also fix a number of problems. Even for those of us still using film, FirstPROOF can save considerable time and money by detecting and fixing problems earlier in the process.


Download the complete guide to pre-press soft-proofing

FirstPROOF Standard

FirstPROOF Pro

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